scan your things (alpha)

Getting started with

The idea is, many things has got barcodes. With an easy barcode scanner, a webcam and the internet you can easy archive these things. is an Open-Source Project. That means you can build your own Reader and integrate this into our application.

To start with you need:

The Login you can create easily here. The scanner needs some more work. You can easy build an own scanner with an old webcam, barcode scanner and an embedded linux board like the gnublin or raspberrypi.

After the scanner is ready you have to combine your account with your scanner. This you can to easily with your private auth code in your web account.

Build your own Reader

The heart of the scanner is an embedded linux board. Every time you scan an barcode an image is created and sent together with the barcode into your myThings account.

Material list:

First step you have to mount the hardware together. If this is ready you can start to build an sd card with an operating system, or if you an expert you can also setup an own scanner box.

Connect all on the desk

Start with the electronic parts. Put all things together.

Create your SD card

Prepare sd card for the firmware. You can download the image here: After the download you can move the image with linux:
dd if=image.bin of=/dev/sdX
Change the X to your recognized device letter. You can find them with
In Windows you can use the Tool: Win32 Disk Imager to put the image on a sd card.

The case

After you put the sd card into the board an put the things together, you can start with the case. We build it with wood. You need two plates for top and bottom and a thicker one (about 2 cm) for the middle framework. After you saw the wood you can color it.

With screws all plates can be combine.


Put barcode scanner and webcam together. With an scan of the barcode an easy image is automatically taken. So you can better remember what this thing was. At the moment out see you thing only from bottom. We try to find a soltution to take an image from top.

First test

Activate your Scanner